There has been much talk about contactless payment for years. From the breakthrough, it is still far away. The credit card provider Mastercard is now launching a new trial and will have all new terminals equipped with NFC radio from 2015 onwards. By 2018, dealers will also have to convert the old equipment.


Picture: Credit cards 

The credit card company Mastercard is putting pressure on a faster spread of contactless payment systems in Germany. With all newly established cash desks in stores accepting Mastercard payments, contactless payments should be possible as of 1 January 2015. Old terminals will be replaced or updated. In this way, all terminals for MasterCard contactless NFC technology will be ready in Germany by 2018 at the latest.

Apple smartphones are not ready yet

The industry has long been trying to establish NFC wireless as the standard for future payment services, not least because it opens the door to digital wallets in smartphones. But in Germany she did not get very far. It is estimated that only about five percent of the 700,000 Mastercard acceptance points for contactless payment are equipped in Germany. In Poland, however, it is about every fourth terminal.

The now announced NFC constraint should accelerate the development in this country. “Germany is one of the strategically important markets for us,” said Mastercard Country Manager Pawel Rychlinski on Tuesday. Once installed, the cash registers would also be open to other card providers and mobile payment systems. While various Android smartphones have NFC chips, Apple has renounced in his iPhones so far. It is speculated that this could change with the next model in the fall.


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